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Scream your stress out

The zone-out chair

Technology and gamification for continuous learning

An interview with Gianmaurizio Cazzarolli, of Tetra Pak Packaging Solutions in Modena Italy, the company of the Tetra Pak group that deals with the design and manufacture of aseptic packaging systems for the distribution of liquid food.

The healthiest 100 workplaces in America.

Ergonomics and sustainability

An interview with Stefan Camenzind and Tanya Ruegg, the architects who revolutionized the way the office is planned by mixing the different working modalities within a company and creating a place that meets the employees’ needs.

A different approach to design furniture

The new headquarters of Team Bank envision a new way of working at a bank, designed to promote agile working and to adapt to the employees’ needs

Children of all the ages

Medibank is Australia's largest health insurance company and its policy is to have the best health outcomes for its members, employees and for the community.

Before lockdown, the idea that everybody could work remotely seemed a very distant proposition. We know different now. Yet the new reality of work does not mean we no longer need the office...


Virtual venue for events

The pop-up origami desk for the home office

In a world in which the boundaries between home and office are increasingly blurred, wellbeing must be at the heart of corporate strategies.

A tool to measure happiness

Open your eyes to a new range of capabilities

The ideas of Coworking and Fablab embody cultures working spaces designed to foster peer-to-peer learning mix different skills and competencies. Their time has come.

Think by making

Working away from the urban stress

Inspire freelancers

The new Airbnb office in Dublin is designed to support and reflect the company's culture, especially its focus on teamwork and collaboration

An interview with Mark Winkler head of Digital Transformation & Business Development, Kapsch BusinessCom

Monitoring sleep

How can office furniture offer people the chance to reconfigure space on a daily basis to quickly and effectively respond to the different needs of individuals and teams?

Focusing on people to portray the real Country

A school that observe the habits of customers

In spite of all the time we spend indoors each day, our instinct links us to Nature in a way that means we need to feel a strong connection with it. Biophilic office design offers a new way of drawing Nature into human-made spaces, with proven benefits in terms of psychological wellbeing, physical health, productivity and employee retention.

Digital experience of biophilia

The proliferation of devices we use every day and their increased capabilities promise untold benefits for our wellbeing and productivity as well as the transformation of the spaces in which we live and work.

A Biophilic carpet collection

AI to support inclusive recruitment

People, their personal and work needs, and their different sensitivities are at the heart of Allianz North office.

Jennifer Magnolfi Astill is a designer, architect and researcher, founder of Programmable Habitats, a consulting R&D practice specialising in the strategic development of high-tech future work environments in New York.

The virtual meeting room turns physical

COVID-19 has dramatically accelerated the revolution of work and, in the post-pandemic, it will be increasingly hybrid and widespread. Offices in the new world of work will become increasingly focused and important for teamwork and socialisation.

The shape of the company to come

Legal services for the community

Ethical business is good business. Each firm should work as a community within communities, uniting their commercial and social aims. And in the post-pandemic world, offices will function as a place for people to come together in a single space to pursue those aims.

A design led approach to the well workplace

For hybrid workers, having the right technology is not a nice-to-have. It's a necessity. But people who can't step away from their tech, often suffer from digital fatigue. The solution is not to ban or limit the use of technology, but to promote wisdom in its use.

Work-Life Blending Space

To meet the new demands placed on it, the office must evolve, hybridising itself with other spaces such as homes, hotels, bars and public areas. It must also centre people's wellbeing.

Wellbeing features to help employees thrive

Remote working in the wild

Improving HR management with AI

Facebook‘s new Campus design is based on the results of recent research on the advantages and disadvantages of the two main models of organizing the working space: Open space and closed offices

Wellbeing at the office is a good business strategy: it increases the commitment and productivity of employees, it improves the company’s competitiveness, and helps you win the war of talents

From company’s values to company’s office strategy

Social, technological, and economic pressures are changing the office reducing the space at employees’ disposal, but not everywhere: new places are available, now!

Come and work at someone’s home

Managing a distributed workforce

How can the design of the office environment and of the space solutions enhance informal communication, collaboration and contribute to more effectiveness and better performance at work?

Education for better communication

How can office furniture solutions offer the chance to adapt space quickly and effectively in response to the continually changing needs of individuals and teams?

Smart work from the South

Noise-cancelling headphones

Productivity remote support

Source: Lyubomirsky, 2008.

Increase employee resilience, engagement & productivity

An interactive watch to manage your time

Train for reality

Coworking Management Software

A workspace for professionals on-the-go

Diffuse leadership demands a complete new approach to space planning and workplace design. The key objective is to create an environment that helps leaders and employees to find the right mix between communication, collaboration, concentration and contemplation

Deliver better services through IoT

Precision engineering + IoT

The success of a company invariably depends on its ability to understand the needs and expectations of its employees and clients. The same is true for wellbeing at work. A design led approach promises to set new standards in how to provide the best place to work. It avoids top-down decisions and makes everyone’s voice heard in defining the company’s approach to wellbeing.

Citizen at the center of public policies

An app and a card covering a range of modes of transport

First experiment in building a green city

A built environment efficient as a flower

Humanity, nature and community are Etsy's key values applied at the firm's new headquarters.

Toby Mildon is a Diversity & Inclusion Architect and founder of Mildon, a consultancy and advisory business. Toby works with businesses to re-engineer processes and systems to minimise the impact of bias and build a culture of inclusion. Prior to setting up his business, Toby worked as an in-house diversity and inclusion manager at the BBC and Deloitte.

A game for an inclusive business environment

Promoting the culture of Diversity and Inclusion is not only the right thing to do but can also be a great competitive advantage.

Collaborate to fight social distance

Reversing the role of technology

Organisations are re-thinking themselves to prepare for the challenges of a sustainable future. The aim is to drive societal change as never before, by transforming spaces, processes and the role of people inside and outside companies.

Working worldwide with no frontiers

The new Facebook service for local communities

How technology brings happiness to the workplace

Merging physical and digital bubbles on TV

The Employee's Needs, From Private to Professional

Companies have the opportunity to reorganise their working models by making them more flexible and improving the ways in which private and professional lives integrate.

Repurposing vacant offices as vertical farms

A mobile app to support the ‘hubquarter’ vision

Protecting my bubble in the office

Dropbox has grasped the opportunity offered by the pandemic to redesign its offices and ways of working, to meet the needs of employees and improve its business processes and products.

Intense information overload

Blending work and social spaces

The Office Group offers workspaces that promote a balanced approach to work where wellbeing and productivity go hand in hand.

In the recent past, people used to adapt office space to work at their best; now they constantly reshape their time to work in a way that suits them.

An interview with Dr. Dieter Breithecker of BAG, the German Federal Institute for the Devel-opment of Posture and Movement, who explains how moving at the office contributes to our well-being and efficiency while working.

Rhythm and “move”

Data: CBRE, Global occupier survey 2015, 2016

Create your life’s work

Having different generations at work in the same space is now a key factor in organisational success. We must find new ways to address the priorities of individuals and nurture each person's wellbeing.

An interview with Jasmine Torfi from Swisscom, the leading telecommunications company in Switzerland based in Ittigen, near the capital city of Bern.

How millennials are becoming the new mentors

Collaborate and brainstorm online

Near face-to-face experience with 360° camera

When it comes to remote work, ergonomics is about much more than a comfortable chair and an adjustable desk. It can transform their working lives, maintain the bond with their employer and colleagues and enhance their experience of teamwork, even when they are working alone.

Friendly policies for remote employees

Being happy is a fundamental human need, especially at work where technology empowers us to achieve more than mere job satisfaction.

Engage and develop your team

A mind assistant

Co-designed workspace

The new spaces of Deloitte Digital's headquarter have been inspired by the culture, the organisation and style of Fablabs and coworking to inspire collaboration and open-mindedness.

An interview with Giovanna D'Alessio, leadership expert and author of the book "Personal Mastery. The Path to Transformative Leadership".

Facilitating a culture of “radical transparency”

Smart objects are all around us: they collect data from the environment and from our gestures, seamlessly connecting to other smart objects. They were first designed to make our lives more comfortable and efficient, now they are going to help us collaborate and communicate better.

IoT supporting hospitality

The environmental bubble for workers

Side by side with the hospital’s stakeholders

A space to foster collaboration between company and clients

Some venues are reclaiming their main role

Outdoor Care Retreat

How can office furniture give people and teams the opportunity to reconfigure space on a daily basis, to quickly and effectively respond to their different and changing needs?

Toolkit for inclusive design

To be in someone else's shoes virtually

In the era of the diffuse office, the pandemic represents the opportunity to rethink office spaces around team-centric activities, leveraging on those interactions and working modalities that are performed at their best when face to face.

Reframing workplaces by collaborative thinking

Recreating physical space in mixed reality

A company movement for everyone's sake

Dialogue between remote communities

Making space for learning at work

How The Office Can Promote Wellbeing Through a Purposeful Use of Technology

“As addictive as possible”

The office blends into the city

Wellbeing over efficiency

Creating and personalising my digital self

Overlapping private and professional lives

How can the design of the office environment help and support people to stay active and be healthy at work?

Take care of your people and they will take care of your customers

The meeting solution company

Multigenerational workforce and popular culture

Overlap zones

Working in augmented workspace

An engaging workplace ecosystem in which to share the working day with friends and colleagues.

Dr. Johann Weichbrodt is a researcher in organizational psychology on flexible work, agile teams, learning, and development at the Hochschule für Angewandte Psychologie FHNW in Olten, Switzerland.

Automatic time tracking software for teams

Create a better workplace

Deloitte's new headquarters in Amsterdam is considered the smartest building in the world. The integration of architecture and new technologies creates flexible and sustainable working spaces where people can be happy and productive.

An interview to Birgit Gebhardt, trend researcher and author of the publication “New Work Order – Creative learning environments”.

Hosting innovation

How can office furniture offer people the chance to reconfigure space on a daily basis to quickly and effectively respond to the different needs of individuals and teams?

Lead collectively towards a sustainable future

What should leadership look like?

Continuous monitoring

Transforming data flow

Sustainability by people and for people

A people-centred approach has been used to design Sedus's new offices, combining business strategy with individual wellbeing. Sedus has developed an innovative people-centered approach in the creation of its new HQ that combines strategy, efficiency and wellbeing in a process which improved knowledge sharing as well as people's sense of ownership and belonging.

An interview with Francesco Iannone and Serena (Regina Paola) Tellini, lighting designers and owners of the company Consuline, a firm that specialises in the use of technology to recreate the effect of natural light in interior design.

Creating Successful Distributed Work Environments

A green oasis in the heart of the city

When talking about diversity and inclusion in the workplace, the majority of us think of policies that integrate people with disabilities, reduce the gender gap or avoid discrimination on the basis of race or beliefs. But the advantages of having a diverse workforce are not simply equitable, they form the very basis of successful and measurable outcomes.

D&I as a competitive advantage

Enhancing random relationships

Rethinking face-to-face workplaces

Co-Working space for extensive collaboration

An influencer in the boardroom

Integrating the city and the office

Shaping careers and leaders in a freelance world

Virtual-first policies for the workplace

Boosting communication regardless of language

While Americans keep working from home, Europeans return to the office.

Offices give way to coworking spaces

The Dark Sides of the Digital Workplace

Embracing hybrid and nomadic lifestyles

Remotely sharing the sofa with friends

Happy employees = Happy customers

Source: Barret Values Centre

A way of working beyond the traditional desk and chairs

Source: global coworking space survey 2016

Build the productivity under the sun

Transgenerational art engagement programme

Discover more on human centric lighting

Editor of Workplace Insight and IN Magazine, Mark is an expert in workplace design and management and a keen observer of the changing dynamics of workspace. As a consultant and publisher, he helps his clients develop online content and communities through the use of social media.

Virtual background templates for video calls

The diffuse office: balancing work between the digital and physical workplace.

Living locally

Offices that make us feel at home and homes that work (almost) as well as an office.

An interview with Daniele Andriolo, from Plantronics, the leading company in wearable technology that for over 50 years has been on the forefront of audio innovation, always driven by a single goal: to remove the barriers to simple, clear communication.

All your work, all in one place

How can office furniture solutions offer the chance to adapt space quickly and effectively in response to the continually changing needs of individuals and teams?

Make, play, discover

An office hotel

People now view freelance life as a lifestyle choice. Companies benefit too, but the new way of working has profound implications for careers and leadership styles.

Changing organisation paradigm

Encourage a culture of collaboration

The world's first smart food storage system

The stand presented by Sedus at Orgatec 2018 offered the opportunity to showcase an innovative office solution based on the integration of comfortable space and technological systems, designed to support new ways of working.

An interview with Jonathan Antonio Edelman, Adjunct Professor at the Hasso Plattner Institut in Potsdam, Germany, currently involved on developing human-centred tools and processes for digital engineering designers at the HPI’s Digital Health Center.

A school where teachers are not needed

How can office furniture offer people the chance to reconfigure their work space each day to quickly and effectively respond to the different needs of individuals and teams?

An artistic depiction of greenery

Office space that nurtures wellbeing is a direct result of new working models ushered in by digital transformation.

Artificial reproduction of light

Neuroscience-based personality assessment

Art installation for collaboration

A new hybrid workplace policy

Okta's new dimension for work and its spaces is called Dynamic Work and is the implementation of the company's longstanding strategy of flexibility. The offices under this vision are the place for collaboration, socialisation and brand culture.

Stan Garfield is an author, speaker, and community leader on knowledge management based in Northville, Michigan. He has worked in the field of knowledge management for 25 years. “Handbook of Community Management: A Guide to Leading Communities of Practice” (De Gruyter, 2020) is his most recent book.

WeWork seeks the manager for the future

The new Lego headquarters is based on the company's founding values and rethinks the office, transforming it into a community hub in which people can meet, collaborate and play. A strategic vision for the whole business, driven by ethics and sustainability.

Putting the internet of things to work

Elizabeth Marsh is a digital wellbeing researcher and Director of Digital Work Research Ltd, a firm which helps organisations understand and improve the digital dexterity of the workforce.

The new London headquarters has an employee-centric approach focused on wellbeing. It provides individuals with a variety of spaces and different configurations from which to choose based on their needs and preferences throughout each working day.

When we can work anywhere, the sole purpose of going to the office cannot be to just work. This is why offices are transforming. In constant competition with the new workspaces offered to hybrid workers, they are changing the very way we experience towns and cities.

Embracing New Technologies to Optimise Hybrid Work

Work styles inform interior design

Taking Your Personal Space Everywhere

Technology Bridges the Gap Between the Company and Its Employees